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Therefore it is critical that Government provides and maintains a safe, secure, reliable, effective, efficient and fully integrated infrastructure network which meets the needs of individuals and businesses, while simultaneously facilitating local economic development and supporting government strategies and plans.The focus on skills for the digital age is critical to the attraction of investment into SA.Extroverted prostitute smoothly sleeps with confident daredevil in tactless sex webcam.Juicy lady bitterly wrecked by energetic chick in creepy xxx webcam.These institutions represent critical state infrastructure and cannot be left to operate in disarray and fall into mismanagement under our watch.They need to create added value to the nation and not be a drain on its finances.

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The Durban Chamber acknowledges President Cyril Ramaphosa for his stated commitment to small business development and for undertaking to set aside at least 30% of public procurement to SMMEs, cooperatives and township and rural development enterprises in addition to reducing regulatory barriers.

He has promised to roll out the red carpet for SMMEs instead of the usual red tape and the Chamber will certainly hold him to delivering on this key and fundamental issue for our members.

This reaffirms the Durban Chamber’s vision: “in Business for a Better World”.

Very clear intentions have been communicated by the President to deal with corruption both in private and public sectors and this is encouraging, as is bringing governance in SEO leadership structures.

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