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Sitting in its little corner of the /etc directory, PAM sits overlooking its configuration files and man pages, just waiting for someone to come along and discover the power that it can give to administrators and developers alike.

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Below is a quick explanation of how I tend to think about these keywords in practice: The 'auth' realm (I call it a realm - the docs refer to it as a 'management group' or 'facility') is responsible for checking that the user is who they say.PAM is a collection of modules that essentially form a barrier between a service on your system, and the user of the service.The modules can have widely varying purposes, from disallowing a login to users from a particular UNIX group (or netgroup, or subnet...), to implementing resource limits so that your 'research' group can't hog system resources.How to Read A Config File I'll be looking at pam as it applies to Linux systems.Solaris and other commercial UNIX systems have a slightly different configuration model, centered around a single file, /etc/

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