Integrating and consolidating banking operations

The creation of payment and receivable factories, or the adoption of cross-border notional pooling, may be far easier when your accounts are fully rationalized.

The ideal international structure will help your business gain centralized control of key decisions, while maintaining flexibility at the local level.

integrating and consolidating banking operations-45

), and merge it with Shinwa Bank Ltd, which is already under Fukuoka’s control.

Use these six strategies to help your business tackle the challenge of creating an optimal international banking structure. When an organization expands overseas, its treasury department may encounter the daunting task of developing a banking structure that not only improves visibility and enhances control but—most importantly—maximizes efficiency.

Treasurers face increased pressure to integrate operations and centralize management of disparate supply chains across multiple continents.

Using these six strategies can help your treasury avoid the common headaches of international banking and get an optimal international banking structure up and running.

There is no one-size-fits-all model to international banking.

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