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I got a phone call," she said."Where did your mind immediately go? "It seemed like they thought that she possibly left on her own and they didn't take our feelings seriously, our feelings of knowing that this was much more than they knew.""How did the police first proceed with this? " Miller asked Keele."I can't speak to what they did initially, because that was before I became involved.

" Miller asked."It immediately went to Tyler," said Brooks. I do know they were at his house searching with a mobile crime lab three days after she disappeared," he replied.

If you’re looking at areas in Idaho with the worst economic situations, where there’s higher than average crime, and not a lot to do, this is an accurate list.

CENTRAL TENNESSEE -- "Back when all this happened … and in an empty farm field outside of town, a car went up in flames.

"I mean not having found very much evidence or, I mean, there are so many possibilities." Brooks grew up with Shelley Mook. "…neither one of us had sisters and it was kind of the sisterhood."Shelley, 24, also loved her daughter, 6-year-old Lilliana. And just one person would tell police what happened in the house that afternoon. We don't know him, but we wanna know him,'" she recalled.

They called her Lilli."Shelley would never abandon her daughter, she would have never left her without saying goodbye or kissing her goodbye, and she did that day," said Brooks. That was Shelley's ex-husband, Tyler Mook, the father of their daughter. All that happened up in Pennsylvania, where Shelley and Brittany grew up. He liked engines and cars and he liked girls."Were you there when Shelley walked over to him?

I remember hearing the story about the car being found out in the field, and that it had been burnt," Chief Larry Farley, of the Rutherford County Fire and Rescue Department, told CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller. "Normally people wouldn't think it was a big deal but …This is something that we deal with quite often," Farley explained."A lot of times people will steal a car, go joy riding …

and then, when they get through with it, they'll take it out in the country somewhere, and set in on fire, burn it -- and then walk off and leave it," the chief continued. It would turn out to be a clue -- a clue that could lead to a murderer.

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" Miller asked."It's really hard to say," Brooks replied. We always called it the million-dollar smile."After Shelley's divorce in 2009, they became even closer. " Miller asked Brooks."I think part me, and part her mother and her family," she replied. He was absolutely -- he was definitely more than just a bad boy."Brooks and Shelley met Mook back in high school. were like, 'Oh, you know, take a look at who just walked in.

But when Tyler was deposed, he was not forthcoming: Attorney: What did you tell Lilli about her mother's disappearance?

Tyler Mook: On advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds of the Fifth Amendment.

Keele worked the case for Shelley's family for several years and is now consulting for CBS News."We know Shelley arrived at Tyler's with Lilliana in a car seat," he told Miller.

"And by all accounts, we know Shelley was upset when she went into Tyler's residence."What exactly happened after that is a mystery.

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