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The Indians have, in the construction of its cells, its double numbers, its symbols and secrets, reached the forefront of knowledge.They have extracted its mysteries from supernatural forces.C., down to the eighteenth century, India was all a marvel and a mystery to Europe.Marco Polo (1254-1323) pictured its western fringe vaguely, Columbus blundered upon America in trying to reach it, Vasco da Gama sailed around Africa to rediscover it, and merchants spoke rapaciously of "the wealth of the Indies." " It is true that even across the Himalayan barrier India has sent to us such questionable gifts as grammar and logic, philosophy and fables, hypnotism and chess, and above all our numerals and our decimal system.They have developed to a perfection arts like sculpture, painting, and architecture.They have collections of poetry, philosophy, literature and science of morals. Over many centuries, all the kings of the past have recognized the ability of the Indians in all the branches of knowledge...

Among those parts of their sciences which came to us, the numerical is the swiftest and most complete method of calculation, the easiest to understand and the simplest to learn; it bears witness to the Indians piercing intellect, fine creativity and their superior understanding and inventive of the book, The Indian Empire, said India," has even contributed to modern medical science by the discovery of various chemicals and by teaching you how to reform misshapen ears and noses. in India, as in China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, scientific development was well advanced.From "The first nation to have cultivated science is India. The kings of China have stated that the kings of the world are five in number and all the people of the world are their subjects.They mentioned the king of China, the king of India, the king of the Turks, the king of the Persians, and the king of the Romans...From the very earliest times, India had made its contribution to the texture of Western thought and living.Michael Edwardes, author of British India, writes that throughout the literatures of Europe, tales of Indian origin can be discovered.

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