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Series three ended with the closure of Solar Blue because of a lack of funding, indicating that the show would most likely not continue. It starred Adam Saunders as Heath, the relaxed joker who struggles with school; Tahyna Tozzi as Perri, resident glamour queen from the Gold Coast; Sophie Luck as Fly, the youngest; Kate Bell as Bec, the local; Khan Chittenden as Edge, the aggressive and competitive teenager; Chris Foy as Matt, the generic 'smart guy' and Mara Scherzinger as Anna, a famous German Kiteboarder.At the end of the year, two of them (one girl and one boy) get a wild card spot on the pro-circuit tour.Series Three began screening on Rollercoaster on 3 April 2008.The winners are Bridget and Adam, but Bridget decides to go to university instead of joining the Pro Circuit, so Loren gets the wild card after Cassie literally 'draws the short straw' (as they both have the same number of points in the final surf-off so they decide who gets the wild card this way).Fly is concerned Heath is taking his new job too seriously.Series 1 Sophie Luck (series 1 & 2) Tahyna Tozzi Kate Bell (Series 1 & 3) Mara Scherzinger Khan Chittenden Adam Saunders Christopher Foy Series 2 Gabrielle Scollay Lesley Anne Mitchell Taryn Marler James Sorensen Ryan Corr Trent Dalzell Martin Lynes Liz Burch Series 3 Cariba Heine Kain O'Keeffe Lachlan Buchanan Eka Darville Amy Beckwith Rebecca Breeds Craig Horner Don Halbert (series 1 & 2 & 3) Blue Water High is an Australian television drama series, broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on ABC1 and on Austar/Foxtel Nickelodeon channel in Australia and on various channels in many other countries.Résumé : Eric est aux anges quand un magazine de surf lui propose un cachet pour publier une photo de lui.Mais c'est la panique quand, un jour, il égare sa nouvelle planche.

: votre programme tv de ce soir sur les chaînes de la TNT en un seul coup d'oeil.See full summary » At Sydney's National Dance Academy, a few talented youngsters are recruited for the excruciatingly tough course.Jewish long line of doctors' heir Samuel 'Sammy' and minor juvenile offender...Naviguez sur une grille de programmes TV claire et efficace et découvrez tous les programmes diffusés à la télé ce soir.From the International best seller childrens' books, Life is pretty humorous when you look at it from the point of view of the five young teenage girls in The Sleepover Club. See full summary » What chance have you got when your dads a cop, your mum's a frighteningly understanding parent, your brother wets the bed, your best friend's a heavy metal devotee and then you fall in love...

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