Intimidating song titles

Karaoke is just plain fun — even if it's not a regular pastime.If going into a dark room with a group of other people to sing classic hits makes you feel terrified, don't be!Either way, learning and singing along to these songs will help you improve your Spanish grammar in a snap.When you’re trying to learn Spanish grammar, turning to music seems like a strange choice.I don't get to sing karaoke often — less than once a month, for sure.

So, the next time you’re in the car, the shower or just alone in your room, turn on your favorite Disney song in Spanish and sing!You can loosen up, learn the lines and then just focus on learning the grammar rules present in each song.All of these characteristics make children’s music—and Disney songs in particular—great for anyone who’s currently learning a language.Plus, you’re probably familiar with Disney stories and songs already.This means you won’t need to focus on the story or even the meaning of the lyrics.

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