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War has erupted between the dating sim with ai — wild animals have transformed into fearsome beasts and the dead have arisen to bloodthirsty, demonic life.

Unless the handicap says otherwise, you do not earn the handicap points until the end of the challenge, provided you have not broken the restriction.

For larger construction projects, you will have to build them over time, 2 sections a day.

Ignore this restriction on the first day the family is in existence to get the house established.

There is no penalty for breaking a handicap you have choosen, you simply will not get the point(s) for that particular handicap at the end of the challenge.“Middle of Nowhere”Category: Handicap Points: 1Your sims live way out in the boonys.

They are miles and miles from the nearest town and shopping center.

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Children may still take the school bus to go to school, but must use a car when they grow up to be teenagers.

Read up on everything to expect in our change log: A lot has happened in Metin2 over the past few years, and as a result a number of changes dim to be made to accommodate ak to the data structure.

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This means 2 squares of foundation, 2 wall sections, painting 2 wall sections, painting 2 squares, placing 2 squares of pool, placing up to 2 sets of stairs, placing 2 windows.

Etc In other words, each item in the build menu is restricted to 2 units per sim day.

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