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Don’t be surprised if there are legitimate messages from people you know, possibly a year or more old.As Facebook expanded they effectively integrated dozens of world languages, making the world’s most popular social network truly accessible to an International user base.Since the algorithm updates, the removal of branded pages’ ability to send messages, and Facebook’s focus on limiting connection to users that you know outside of Facebook, the “Other Messages” folder has become a catchall for pretty much any message that doesn’t come from a friend.If there are too many links, the message will probably end up in the other folder.

I guess when you’ve answered the most pressing issues and can’t change your application any more without screwing something up (which is the view many users have with Facebook changes) perfecting useless language translations is a way to keep your staff busy!Facebook's Hidden Inbox has kept more than a few important messages from reaching their intended recipients.I almost missed a trip sponsored by Chrysler that is valued at about 2,000$ because Facebook thinks I don't want to talk to anyone I'm not a friend with!To access your “Other Messages” inbox, first open your messages.There will be a hierarchy sub-category appear below the “Messages” hotlink for the “Other Messages” folder.

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