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Using firewall to block steam is of no use for the same reason.Looed at gta's steam update properties too which doesnt help. Kinda annoying that you are forced to update to something which in some cases, might prove to introduce new bugs or impose restrictions, e.g changing hashes and mods.If they allowed people to not update, people would try and play unpatched games and it would crash etc and they'd get people reporting bugs, whinning about bugs (that don't exist if they would just update), and encourage hacking/cheating.This is a common type of error that can occur any time a game is updated or installed on Steam The error results when Steam is not able to complete the installation.For some stupid reason I clicked "verify integrity of game cache" on Planetside 2 on Steam client.Planetside 2 doesn't update through steam, so the game files I currently have do not match the outdated ones on Steam database, but Steam is still trying to "update" it to the outdated version anyway. There's a drop down option which will allow you to turn off automatic updates. Pause the download, turn off automatic updates for that game and then find the temporary files in your steam folder and delete them.I go to play gta today, have to wait for update download, then redownload and install mods so they will work with new version.

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