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" Fonzie said, pulling his cousin off the youngest Cunningham. Chachi, this is Shortcake.""Actually, my name is Joanie," Joanie corrected. I'm sorry to cut this short, guys, but I really need to get back to-,""What are you baking?

"Chachi jumped to Joanie's side, leaning over to peer into the blue bowl.

Meanwhile, Lauren Graham and her current boyfriend Peter Krause, who plays her TV brother Adam Braverman on "Parenthood," have been spotted vacationing in Venice together.

Take a look at some of these other TV stars who have found love on set.

But she did have beautiful brown eyes and a sweet smile.

She said yes when Chachi asked her out in the third grade, then again when he tried in fourth grade, and finally, Chachi and Mary found themselves hanging out on Saturday nights whenever they couldn't find other dates.

I know I don't usually write Happy Days stuff, but I've recently fallen in love with the show. If you're one of my swac readers stumbling across this, I don't think you have to have seen Happy Days to understand it... Life was supposed to be fun and easy, filled with days of climbing trees, clowning around on the playground of the schoolyard, and using his 'Fonzarelli Power' to woo girls. Fonzie could teach him anything he needed to know because Fonzie was - well, Fonzie was Fonzie.

Just a note: This story includes my idea of what may have happened the first time Joanie and Chachi met, walks you through most of the episodes before they started dating, and explains what happened during the last season of the show and one scene that takes place years later as well. The True Ballad of Joanie and Chachi Chachi 'Charles' Arcola had too many problems for a kid his age. He looked up to Fonzie as the only male role model he had.

Back in 2003, sparks flew for co-stars Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody on the set of "The OC," and who could ever forget Joanie (Erin Moran) and Chachi's (Scott Baio) real-life romance that was worthy of a spin-off?

By the end of the night, he would have his first real girlfriend. When Chachi cornered her in the hallway, leaning suavely against a locker while Mary watched him in surprise, he completed step one of his perfect Valentine's Day: Asking Mary to the dance."You're a sweet guy, Chachi," Mary told him, chewing on her bottom lip. I promised Bobby I'd go with him."Chachi slumped into Fonzie's garage that afternoon, looking like he'd lost his best friend. ""A plan where you don't ask the girl out right off the bat," Fonzie explained.

It didn't take a lot of prying to get the story out of him about Mary and the dance he no longer planned on attending. "You talk to her first, sweep her off her feet, then make your move. "If there's a girl who doesn't have a date on Valentine's Day, she must not be much of a looker."Fonzie stopped dead in his tracks, using one hand to press Chachi against the wall. Of course Chachi had met the Cunningham's before along with their son, Richie.

By the time Chachi turned twelve, things had gotten a little better.

He grew a few inches (only enough for him to notice, apparently.

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