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Burton, who favored acting as a career, auditioned for the part of Ed Harris's daughter in the film Radio. Yes, she is a cheerleader, but she also goes home and listens to punk music.

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They were pretty specific about what they were looking for. I got the job." Ward said that although Burton is a talented actress and has done a great job with the character, she did not feel she had to get to know her in order to proceed with the drawings.

Both [are] small towns where high school sports played a big part," she stated. She came off as too angry and bitchy to some viewers.

"At first, the audience rejected her character because, well, she was mean to our hero (Lucas)," said Schwann.

If I remember correctly, it was usually the words that I left undone." Regarding the evolution of Peyton's artwork over the years, she said, "I look back at the first season and think the drawings are awful!

I certainly became more comfortable working in her style, but I think her style also evolved to fit mine. " Ward clarified, "Initially I was trying to do something that just didn’t flow well from me. A little forced and not at all the way I liked to work." Ward said that as the show progressed, she began to put more of my own style in them, and became more comfortable and the work got better.

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