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Charles Milles Manson (né Maddox, November 12, 1934 – November 19, 2017) was an American criminal and cult leader.

In the late 1960s, he formed what became known as the Manson Family, a quasi-commune in California.

The three escapees were attempting to drive to California in stolen cars when they were arrested in Utah.

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Maddox went on drinking sprees for days at a time with her brother, Luther, leaving Charles with a variety of babysitters.

He believed the murders would help precipitate that war.

From the beginning of his notoriety, a pop culture arose around him in which he ultimately became an emblem of insanity, violence and the macabre.

He was eventually caught, and a sympathetic judge sent him to Boys Town, a juvenile facility in Omaha, Nebraska.

After four days, he and a student named Blackie Nielson stole a car and somehow obtained a gun, which they used to rob a grocery store and a casino, as they made their way to the home of Nielson's uncle in Peoria, Illinois.

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