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Through the process of community engagement, COMPASS establishes partnerships in service with established organizations.These collaborative relationships enable faculty and staff to engage with the community and assist students to meet learning objectives and simultaneously meet the identified needs of vulnerable populations who are served by our COMPASS community partners.Michigan's medical marijuana licensing board has opted not to encourage dispensaries in the state to close by the end of this week, after a public meeting in which patients described the harm it would cause.But dispensaries will likely have to shut down by Dec.

Community agencies and schools are often in need of volunteers for their events.OUWB students, faculty, and staff have volunteered in a number of capacities including health screenings, education, and direct service.If your organization is in need of volunteers and would like to invite the OUWB community to participate in your event, please complete the OUWB Volunteer Request form at: has partnerships with a wide variety of organizations throughout Michigan, the United States, and globally."So this will still be harmful to patients who rely on cannabis for their health and well being and it will be harmful for businesses." At least one state lawmaker is hoping to come to the aid of those patients and businesses. Yousef Rabhi, a Democrat who represents Ann Arbor, will introduce a bill in Michigan's House Thursday to "protect medical marijuana businesses from regulatory overreach." The bill would establish a timeframe for processing the license applications of existing medical marijuana businesses, and allow existing businesses to continue operating while their applications are processed."These businesses are caring for hundreds of patients and have invested in our communities by buying equipment, developing facilities, and training workers," Rep. "Small businesses can’t afford to be shut down for months by unnecessary bureaucratic procedures." Marijuana licensing board member and former Michigan State Police officer Donald Bailey's logic in penalizing pot shops that stay open seems to have something to do with the fact that they're operating illegally under the voter-approved 2008 medical marijuana law. 15," the Detroit Free Press quoted Bailey as saying.

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