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The differences extended beyond their bank accounts.Nigel’s large, boisterous Australian family is peppered with headstrong personalities, a feisty streak and a bent toward black humour.By the time Amanda was kidnapped, she writes, the fractures had somewhat healed: “We would never be a close family, but we loved one another in a certain fierce way.” The Lindhouts, unlike the Brennans, have kept a tight hold on their privacy, during the kidnapping and in its wake.There were also the complicated logistics of two police forces and governments.

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In her new memoir, contributing writer Sara Corbett, Amanda details the brutal treatment she endured.“Hello,” the thickly accented voice said in a message for Amanda’s father, John Lindhout, at his home in Sylvan Lake, Alta. Though each family was asked to trust its government, neither government wholly trusted the families.“We have your daughter.” Halfway around the world in Moore Park, Australia, Nicole Bonney, Nigel’s sister, picked up the phone. In directions delivered by the Australian Federal Police but originating from Canadian authorities, the Brennans were asked not to communicate with the Lindhouts, whom they’d never met.They had previous experience in negotiating the release of kidnapped people, whereas the Australian Federal Police did not,” she says.In a statement, the RCMP would only comment that the agency worked “very closely” with the Australian Federal Police “in an effort to mitigate the risks to the hostages and secure their safe release.” Yet the books paint different pictures of the approach each government took toward the families.

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