Edge lita dating real life

In a match that was also Essa’s debut, he easily defeated Gillberg for the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship, after which Lita jumped in the ring and performed a celebratory moonsault, instantly endearing her to fans.

Thanks to her look and ability to perform more aerial moves than the average female wrestler, Lita was such an instant hit in ECW that she was on her way to WWE in less than a year. and spending some time in developmental, Lita made her debut as the valet of Essa Rios on Sunday Night Heat.

Most wrestling fans probably only know of El Dandy for the infamous Bret Hart promo where he asked Gene Okerlund who we were to doubt him, though he genuinely was a fairly big name in Mexico.

Lita very well may have received some training for him and possibly even dated him, but there’s no evidence to support the worst rumors about their time together, so we won’t even dignify them with an explanation.

The late ‘90s were a different time, when apparently all you needed to do to get a job in the third biggest wrestling company in America was show up and ask for one.

It worked for a shocking number of superstars, including Lita, who claims to have gotten hired by Paul Heyman to work for ECW simply by showing up and highly impressing with her look and style.

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