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Experian knew I was registered to vote at my new address, so why didn’t Equifax or Callcredit? I paid for my one-off credit score with each agency and was shocked.

Experian also knew that my bank account and credit cards had been transferred over to my new address. Because of the missing data on my credit reports, my credit scores had been decimated. And Equifax rated me as ‘poor’, with a score of just 366, as I have no credit accounts associated with my address. Well, in mid-February I ordered a new mobile phone (the Samsung Galaxy SII, since you asked) on contract with Orange, but my order was rejected as I failed the credit check.

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Based on this and other information asked in your application they will then decide whether you are likely to repay the credit they give you.In complete contrast, Experian has all of my up-to-date data and tells me I have a credit score of 963. Embarrassed, I felt like a teenager with no previous credit, not a 38-year-old professional with a good financial track record. If I’d been applying for a mortgage or was in need of a new credit card, these just wouldn’t have gone through.And those failed Orange applications will probably appear on my credit file, further damaging my credit score.People are often just as surprised at what isn’t reported on their credit file as what is.It can be a bit of a shock when they finally do come to check their report and find that a lot of their spending and earning has gone largely unheralded.

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