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We have access to foreclosure homes that banks want to sell. Some terms that we might be found by are realty Atlanta, Ga homes, Atlanta realty, condos Atlanta, Atlanta realestate, Atlanta property, houses Atlanta, Atlanta realtors, Ga houses, or realtors Atlanta.Maybe you found us by typing in Atlanta MLS listings, or Atlanta MLS search, or MLS Atlanta GA.

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He was great in telling me when my thought process or analysis was not realistic and could delay the sale of the house.

Selling a house is a significantly more stressful experience than buying one.

We contacted Tim several months before we wanted to put the house on the market.

We can help clients find short term apartments for rent but normally we don't work with clients who are just looking for rentals. We can also help you purchase HUD homes in Atlanta.

We are an authorized agent with them and have the HUD key to get into HUD homes. Send us an email and tell us which search term you used.

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