Outdoorsman dating

My kids suit up in snowsuits in the cold and tank tops in the heat to be outside with their Dad.They’ve problem-solved together to build bridges through muddy paths and they’ve learned accountability for carrying their own share of equipment.We don’t hide toy weapons from our kids, we put them front and center and then talk about safety and proper use constantly.4.) Awareness is held in the highest regard.A main attribute of outdoorsmen is an awareness of their surroundings.In many ways, the classification of Redneck and Outdoorsman are synonyms; unfortunately painting the picture of someone who is uneducated, close minded, and reclusive to the mass public.When in reality, nearly none of the hunters I know fit those adjectives and instead are quite the opposite and then some.Our family calendar is littered with opening days for trout fishing and archery season; our playroom is stocked with miniature bows, arrows, and targets.Maybe from the outside we look like rednecks, wearing our camouflage out to dinner while our kids ask the waitress for a deer meat sandwich—and maybe that’s all it takes for someone to write us off as uneducated, close-minded, and reclusive.

As a hunter’s wife, it is difficult to see the stereotype that hunters & fishermen hold in the media’s eye as it is so grossly inaccurate of the whole picture.

Later, I went east for college, lived in Brooklyn for a few years, traveled and studied abroad, and yet—after all that exposure—I still ended up marrying an outdoorsman.

He has his own hunting father and hunting best friend which has now surrounded our children with hunters and fishermen at every turn.

Awareness seems to unfortunately be a skill that is quickly being erased by technology in our lives today.

Being cognitive of the things happening around them is a trait that will see my kids through new and unfamiliar moments for the rest of their lives—like when they are traveling or if they become lost—one that could potentially be the difference between being safe or in danger.5.) They learn that you only get what you work for.

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