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Their men look like sissy boys while their 'women' look like an asian version of susan boyle with massive manly chins.But then again, their numerous genetic defects are solved with plastic surgery like the majority of the korean female population and a sizeable portion of the japanese female population.mnnnn indeed, a mainlander right here?Just as Native Americans once populated North America, the majority is now white.OT: Vietnamese culture is similar in SOME aspects to CHINESE culture because China in the past dominated Vietnam.All of the Cantonese-speakers look characteristically Chinese.Of course, because Vietnam and Guangdong are close to each other, there will be a little intermingling between the races.

For example, Japanese "Ai" (love) is same as Chinese "Ai" (love).Cantonese like Shanghainese is just another Chinese dialect.Even though Hong Kong has been separated from China politically, their people are still of Han Chinese blood which varies immensely from Vietnamese. Cantonese is a dialect of CHINESE spoken by CHINESE PEOPLE.However, both countries retain distinctly different languages/people/culture. As a result, the Vietnamese have loaned words from Cantonese and the Chinese who moved to Vietnam have probably intermingled with the Vietnamese creating hybrid children. The MAJORITY of people from the Guangdong province are not I'm viet and a lot of us viets claim we and cantonese are related.Are Chinese and Vietnamese ESSENTIALLY related by blood or language? However, are the Vietnamese influenced by Chinese (especially Guangdong) culture? Our language, music, culture, and people are very similar. Vietnam is freed from Chinese rule in the past while the Hong Kong is still a slave to the chinese.

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