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My exclusive photo shows new host ALAN CARR on the set of what producers promise will be a “Christmas entertainment extravaganza”.A Channel 4 insider said: “Bosses want all the nostalgia of the show’s previous versions and they hope keeping the old games in will help with that.” WHEN JENNIFER SAUNDERS announced she was making a film of hit series Absolutely Fabulous, she could barely cope with the mountain of requests for celebrity appearances.Speaking at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Collars & Coats Ball at London’s Evolution, she said: “I love East Enders.Me and Dawn say to them, ‘Put us in the back of shot, put us in the back of shot – we could just wander through the Queen Vic’, but they always go, ‘You’d be so bloody obvious’.Reese Elite pin boxes provide the smoothest ride of the best air-ride pin box on the market and automatically eliminates turning and clearance headaches. The 5th Airborne combined with the Sidewinder is the ultimate premium pin box and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The 5th Air borne provides the smoothest ride of all the air-ride pin boxes on the market and easy automatic turning is offered by Sidewinder's nimble and quick design.No other hitch on the road takes enjoy the smoothest ride on the road.An ITV insider said: “It’s an ambitious plan but bosses want to make sure they have free rein over how it will look.

“Bovingdon is a great space and its filming history helps give the show some extra sparkle.” Last month, I revealed acid-tongued Aussie Jason would be returning to the show after a successful campaign by The Sun’s Bizarre TV column.

But snagging her own cameo on another popular BBC show seems to be a lot tougher.

The French and Saunders star has told how she and comedy partner DAWN FRENCH have been repeatedly knocked back by East Enders, despite trying “endlessly” to get on it.

I can reveal producers plan to move the show to a location featured in movies Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows in a bid to make this series out of this world.

From January, the show will relocate from its Elstree, Herts, to Bovingdon Airfield, also in Herts, where bosses want to build two huge temporary rinks for the Sunday night show.

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