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How did you capture their sensuality and deep bond?I learned from films and directors I love that a great performance is sort of an X-ray.The motive is initially not clear, but when Police question employees, they uncover a web of secrets and lies.On September 17th 2015, Edward Lowry is found savagely beaten and stabbed to death in a parking lot in South Dakota.Before I die, I have to make a war movie, a Western and a movie like Mike Nichols, because I love him.In what became known as "The Crime of The Century," a boy from one of Chicago's wealthiest families is kidnapped and found murdered.As a director, what matters is how you penetrate the soul of the person in front of the camera and let the actor blur the boundaries between the character and the person themselves.In order to achieve that, I try to make people feel at ease, to be mindless of problems and be skinless and give everything to the camera. A great deal of help comes from Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, the director of photography who basked all these actors in this amazing and sensual light, and Giulia Piersanti, the costume designer who understood both the period in Italy and the sense of freedom that summer brings.

I think people are so beautiful and complex as creatures that as much as I am fascinated with gender theory — I’ve studied [American gender theorist] Judith Butler for so long — I prefer much more never to investigate or label my performers in any way.With little evidence left behind at the scene, can police painstaking piece together Ed's last moments from CCTV to find his killer? Some call Lawrencia "Bambi" Bembenek a made-for-TV killer. Now two Vanity Fair writers want to know - did she really pull the trigger or was Bambi framed? When he brought his troubled younger brother out to Los Angeles, he thought he could help set him straight.A transient discovers the body of an unidentified teenage girl in a culvert beside an Arizona freeway, close to the Mexican border. He never expected that the price he would pay for being wrong would be the life of someone he loved.I’m one of those directors who read reviews, even if they’re bad, because I started as a film critic as a cinema student. In this case, what I found beautiful and inspiring was the way the writers found ways to describe this movie that are not formatted to its typical description. Why did you cast Hammer and Chalamet over openly gay actors?This film is about the blossoming of love and desire, no matter where it comes from and toward what.

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