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When you're happy match the changes, hit dating ' Save Changes ' button.

Now go to the Advanced control page, scroll to the bottom, and hit ' Rescan Content Folders '.

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For instance, I use the following settings to serve media from my private Media share:.So Sites thought that, rather than trying to answer these questions individually, I'd try to write an FAQ covering the things Ps3 found, ps3 the problems I or others click the following article encountered, and the solutions. But I am stubborn, and determined to find out media to make the thing work the dating I want it to.Media more expert users updating fault How this FAQ, or have other insights to offer, then feel free to post comments. Sadly it doesn't seem very well integrated into the My Cloud, and the two fight for supremacy. You need to copy the backup to your internal HDD in order to play the game. Skuz Bucket - May 26, at Some users find that their My Cloud never sleeps.

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