Dating russian in syria

Putin did not set a date for the withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria when he announced victory last month, and recent activity on the ground hardly suggests that Russia will be pulling the bulk of its forces out anytime soon.

31 had knocked out four Su-24 bombers, two SU-35S fighters and a military transport aircraft.

Either way, we can say for sure that the attack occurred and took Russian forces by surprise.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has already announced that Russia will expand the security zone around the base and that Russian troops will now be responsible for its security – not Syrian troops, as had been the case.

Assad’s regime, for its part, would like to have its country back without having to kowtow to any one power, and that means keeping Russia on the ground in Syria indefinitely to help in its efforts to reconquer the country. That war, in effect, was put on hold when the Islamic State emerged out of the chaos and seized territory in Syria and Iraq.

With the Islamic State gone, the civil war has resumed.

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