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The question is, what will happen if you open i Tunes on your laptop while the external drive is unplugged?You will get this error message every time you want to play a file that doesn’t exist in the local hard drive.Storage space is one of the biggest problems for laptop users.You can run out of those bytes in no time at all, especially if you fill your laptop with multimedia files like music and movies – the types of files that you keep and manage using a multimedia manager like i Tunes.After asking around and browsing the net, I found several ways to achieve this goal; from the easiest – almost automatic – way, to the script-compiling complicated way.In the end, I picked the easiest and most obvious way: the i Tunes way.Service providers have skilled and trained inhouse staff proficient at promptly addressing these issues in seconds.

The following process was done using the Mac version of i Tunes, but the steps are similar under the Windows version.Another point to remember: Even though the multimedia files are in the external drive, i Tunes stores the information about them in the i Tunes Library file in your local hard drive. With a larger empty space in your laptop’s internal hard drive, you are convinced that moving your multimedia collection out was a good idea.But you also realize that bringing an external hard drive everywhere you go is a bit impractical.Step 1: As a general practice, most of the users fill-up their hard disk drives with junk and unwanted files and folders.This is one of the major factors that act as a hindrance in your system’s speed.

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