Engineering dating jokes

Most of the collected sayings and jokes are repeated in a number of webpages, which makes it difficult to credit a particular Internet source. The tender approached and said, "Ah, good evening Monsieur Descartes! The good Christian should beware of mathematicians and all those who make empty prophecies.

The danger already exists that mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell. Augustine) The following sketches show our dedication to abstract thinking in the most unusual situations and strong belief in the universality of mathematical methods.

The physicist conducted series of experiments on strength of hammers, nails, and walls and developed a revolutionary technology of ultra-sonic nail hammering at super-low temperature.

"You are too theoretical," he said and bet on a horse. Commiserating in the bar after the race, the engineer says, "I don't understand why I lost all my money.

Surely, that horse came first bringing him a lot of money. I measured all the horses and calculated their strength and mechanical advantage and figured out how fast they could run..." The physicist interrupted him: " didn't take individual variations into account. He walks down the hall to a fire hose and after calculating the flame velocity, distance, water pressure, trajectory, etc.

Triumphantly, he exclaimed: "I told you, I knew the secret! I did a statistical analysis of their previous performances and bet on the horses with the highest probability of winning..." "..if you're so hot why are you broke? But before the argument can grow, the mathematician takes out his pipe and they get a glimpse of his well-fattened wallet. extinguishes the fire with the minimum amount of water and energy needed.

Obviously here was a man who knows something about horses. "Well," he says, "first I assumed all the horses were identical and spherical..." An engineer, a physicist and a mathematician are staying in a hotel. He goes out into the hallway and sees a fire, so he fills a trash can from his room with water and douses the fire. Later, the mathematician wakes up and smells smoke.

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