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He has to work overtime a lot and doesn't have opportunities to meet girls," said a woman who gave her name as "Mrs.Li" and had a 26-year-old son who was an IT worker."I don't know if he is worried, but I am quite worried.Dating shows, such as proliferated and adopted a reality format where male and female marriage seekers showed their talents by interacting in groups and playing games.

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According to, over 70 percent of participants were in fact anxious parents hoping to fix up children too busy or shy to meet the opposite sex.

Single ladies watch a video of a male contestant during a recording of the popular Chinese matchmaking show "If You Are the One" - just one example of the dating culture that has grown up in China, where busy work schedules and the existence of more boys than girls can make it hard to find a partner.

The show has 24 single women and five bachelors in every episode.

The boards display their names, photos, age, income and occupation among other details.

The event is held during the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays.

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