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These are decisions best and appropriately left to the local campuses, but usurped by the board.

But of course, agreeing is boring – so let me focus on two points of disagreement.

We’re not as sure that openness for debate is shared by the audience for George’s remarks – a UNC board significantly populated with members who are former legislators, lobbyists or those with business connections with legislators such as Robert Rucho of Mecklenburg County.

Rucho was the outspoken state senator who pushed tax changes as well as controversial, hyper-partisan legislative and congressional redistricting efforts.

While it is the responsibility of the UNC Board of Governors to oversee operations of the various public university campuses, we question whether that spills over to imposing centers, institutes or courses of instruction with a specific ideological, versus educational, agenda.

Princeton is a private university, the James Madison Program is privately funded.

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