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A You Tube video dramatizing the product, subtitled “touch over the Internet” and “the future of foreplay,” has been viewed more than 6.7 million times since it was published in April.Sex doodads such as these are among the subjects explored in “Sex//Now,” a reimagining of HBO’s “Real Sex” series from the 1990s that will focus on the digital footprint of evolving sex-and-relationship practices.Last year, Apple had to pull Boyfriend Maker, a program geared toward young women that promised users the opportunity to “pamper your boyfriend and show him your affection with hugs and kisses,” because of the ribald back-and-forth offered up by the chatty boybots.(The game is available on Android, and there is even a Tumblr dedicated to the virtual Romeo’s weirdest and most comical pillow-talk fails.) There is also Spreadsheets, an i Phone app that purports to measure whether one is good or bad in bed by logging the bumping and grinding captured through a smartphone’s internal accelerometer and microphone.At the end of the day, actual people want to be in an actual room having actual sex.” “The act itself hasn’t changed — at least not yet,” EFEELINK said.In December 2013, a UK company EFEELINK launched a set of adult toys which can help separated lovers experience remote sex.

“We’re experiencing an unparalleled technological revolution, and we’re learning that social desire feeds technological change,” Mr. The future, in fact, could be even closer to the Siri-like sex partner depicted in “Her.” That’s the conclusion of a report, “The Future of Relationships,” published this month by the Museum of Sex in conjunction with Sparks & Honey, a trend-forecasting firm in New York.

Much like how Samantha is programmed to be adaptive to Theodore’s personality in “Her,” these virtual sweethearts modify their personas in real time based on the player’s likes and dislikes.

The game is popular among otaku, Japanese slang for reclusive computer nerds, who often post screen shots of their Samanthas online or go on real-life dates with their video-game console. I.-mediated intimacy are being beta-tested on our i Phones as we type.

A similar, but more reciprocal-minded device comes from EFEELINK, a English company that bills itself as offering “the world’s best App interactive toys for Internet love.” Unlike Lovepalz, Real Touch, it is wireless, which has its obvious advantages, and comes with hubristic-sounding names that may be a tad hard to live up to: EFEE (for him) and Amanda (for her).

EFEELINK App Kchat is downloading at Google Play Market:

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