Excel vba application screenupdating does not work double your dating bittorrent

Screen Updating = False at the beginning of your code, then if any user runs the code, they will not know what is going on and think that the computer system is not responding.

You can ask the code to display a status message on the status bar so that the user is informed about the current status of the code.

Get Namespace("MAPI") semail_Approver = Obj NS_Approver. To make sure that each change was not effected by the debugger. Screen Updating will always show True in the debug window.I turned off the debugger and tried the same code and it flickers between the books. But that shouldn't alter the way it works when a routine / function is run.Certain vba macros / codes take a long time to run or execute the actions required. Sometimes, there could be one or more macros which cover multiple processes and this status bar will be useful to know at which process, the macro has reached.If you have turned off screen updating using the line Application.

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