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Deeper Dating integrates the best of human intimacy theory with timeless spiritual truths and translates them into a practical, step-by-step process.

Welcome to Boston’s most exclusive matchmaking service.

The real search for love is about embracing our most authentic self, sharing that true self with the precious people who know how to honor it, and learning to offer others the same in return.

The amazing paradox is that the parts of our personality we think we must to finding that love.

I like the philosophy of this book so much, almost as soon as I'd read the Introduction, I ordered myself a copy.

I will confess that I haven't actually dated anyone while I've been reading it, and I haven't done all the exercises.

I especially enjoyed the section about finding your Core Gifts -- because these things make life more rich, even while you're still single.

The more you feel close to your joys, the more the people who are right for you will notice you and become attracted to you.

In Deeper Dating, Ken Page presents a new path to love.

I am a man who love to cook and most of my friends always say I should have been doing comedy. I am trying the best i can but yet still can't get it out good. I like a man to believe that the first kiss is the most romantic and intimate.

He can be rugged on the outside but, needs to be soft and tender on the inside.

Often we think we need to conceal these vulnerable parts of ourselves, to hide them or fix them in order to make ourselves more attractive, but the absolute reverse is true: they are the bullet train to authentic intimacy.

When we learn to lead with our Core Gifts, our lives shift on their very axes. We experience more passion and more connection to ourselves and others.

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