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In addition to worrying about all the usual concerns confronting a porn shoot -- will the talent show up, will they be hung over, will they have all their paperwork in order, will some boyfriend or agent decide he's the director -- I now have other matters to consider.

While I am safely nestled in the California hills, 3,000 miles to the east George W. When he layed his hand on that Bible held by the very Chief Justice who helped install him into office, the power players in LA's fabled Porn Valley heard thunderclaps in the distance. I originated and for the past several years have moonlighted as a producer on the Jail Babes video series, which launched Larry Flynt into the booming adult-video business.

The new guidelines also state: "No black men, white women themes." Perhaps in a tip of the hat to Thomas Jefferson, producers can continue to feature white men having sex with black women.

(In other words, maybe the new Administration won't view scenes of white men screwing blacks as out of the ordinary.)Perhaps the most surprising item on the list is a prohibition of the until-now obligatory facial "money shot," in which a male performer ejaculates on the face of the female performer, a staple long before Deep Throat brought porn out of the basement. "Facials are the crowning achievement of this industry," he proclaimed, only half-joking. "The new rules do allow a male model to ejaculate on a female model, with the caveat that the "shot is not nasty." Lawyers will now be able to jack up billable hours to determine if the semen on a left breast is "nasty" but the semen on a right elbow is to be approved.

Fourteen years ago, of course, Reagan's Attorney General Ed Meese launched a celebrated (and reviled) antiporn crusade that included a bevy of busts; but since then the LA-based industry has grown into a multibillion-dollar business reaching into nearly every corner of America, culturally, politically and even economically.

Consider that an estimated 25,000 video outlets across the nation stock adult material and that more than 10,000 new adult-video titles are released each year; last year there were 711 million rentals of hard-core sex films.

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" is what has led the porn companies to issue what at least in Hustler's case proved to be a twenty-four-point set of guidelines.It's early Saturday morning and I am standing in the living room of a home that's been converted, for the day, into a porn set.Heavy light rigging, cables, crates of colored gels and video monitors now dominate what had been just another unassuming suburban home at the end of a cul-de-sac.So the question becomes, who is willing to take some bullets?Now Parents have the ability to view Kindercam on your Android, Iphone and Ipad devices.

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