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Remember the BIG STORY yesterday about that Israeli scientist, a Mr.

Hanukoglu just couldn’t fix the problems with his article by putting band-aids on it.

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To sum it all up, this piece is typical Jerome Corsi-ish World Net Daily-ish histrionic yellow-journalism CRAP.Because of its toxicity, it is no longer used in over-the-counter laxatives.You know, to kind of check out Hanukoglu’s street cred a little.This anti-Obama screed pops up with a list of 27 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Obama: Imagine for a few moments that you are the Human Resources Director of a major multi-billion dollar corporation.None of this wonderful group of so-called experts has laid out the basic elements of a forgery charge, because to do so would show how pitiful their efforts have been.

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