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This fantastic museum, set in a restored 18th-century mansion, houses a remarkable private exhibition of Cypriot antiquities, originally collected by Demetrios Pierides (1811-1895), a Cypriot scholar and archaeologist, and further enriched by members of his family.

The museum was founded in 1839 and holds 2,500 exhibits, which range from the Neolithic to the medieval period.

In another column is a silver icon from 1659, with a picture of St. There are also impressive paintings of the Virgin and Child and St. Beside the iconostasis, a staircase leads down into the Tomb of Lazarus (though remains found there in AD 890 - which may, or may not be of Lazarus himself - were moved to Constantinople and later to Marseille).

Across the courtyard from the church is the Byzantine Museum, which holds a collection of religious icons and relics.

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Dung summer, the waters evaporate completely, leaving a crusty white layer of shimmering salt in their place.

In the first room, Neolithic pottery and various representations of goddesses, along with bowls used in rituals can be seen.

Room Two contains more pottery with pictures of birds and fish, as well as figurines used in religious rites.

Larnaca's Archaeological Museum is home to a collection of finds from across the surrounding region dating from the Neolithic Age to the Roman period.

The first room displays sculptures, mainly female torsos and terracotta figures, while the next room houses the pottery collection from excavations at Kition (Larnaca's ancient name) and Livadia, a village just east of Larnaca, with Mycenaean vases and a variety of ornaments in bronze, clay, and glass.

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